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Weekend in Prod with the Seleus youth

We had the privilege a couple of weeks ago of going to Prod with 15 of the youth from our youth group in Seleus. This was a weekend the youth had been looking forward to for a long time, and that we were excited about doing with them.

The theme for the weekend was relationships, and we got to share with them about relationship with God, with yourself and with others. The most embarrassing session for them was about marriage, dating and sex, but it is really on our heart to share Gods perspective on these subjects too. 

Outside of the worship and message time we had a lot of fun with football, mini olympics, games, movies and more. The bedtime was not hugely respected and some of the leaders were pretty exhausted after two nights being up until 3:30, but with no kind of bedtime at home we knew that this would be the case.

We are so thankful that we get to serve among these youth and take part in their lives, and their journey with God. We pray that more of them will discover his love for them and chose to live their lives in relationship to Jesus.

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